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Rick Moses
About Our Music
Rick Moses classic Face the Music album features his blend of mellow
and jazzy guitar combined with a strong, clear vocal style.  It is a favorite
on the playlists of leading FM stations across the nation.
If I Could Just Fall in Love
1985 - Teldec Records,
Hamburg, Germany
12" Vinyl
Face The Music
1978 - 20th Century Fox T-575 (credits)

1.        Baby You Move Me
2.        Face the Music
3.        Part of the Game
4.        Susannah '73
5.        Somethin' Going On
6.        Miracle Man
7.        Everyday
8.        Lay Your Head Against My Pillow   
             (Endless Night)
9.        John Frum America
10.      Highway
Rick Moses - Face the Music
All songs, words & music by Rick Moses*

Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards: Rick Moses
Bass, Drums: Gary Denton

Produced by Rick Moses
Engineered by Gary Denton

Recorded at Stagg Street Studio
Van Nuys, California

*Generation - words by Rick Moses,
music by Rick Moses and Rick Moses III
Rick's Newest Album Release
Evil and Dangerous Men"
2005 -
Solaris Records

1. The Last Thing I'd Do
2. Evil and Dangerous Men
3. Batia (Good And Strong)
4. The Way of the World
5. Resurrection
6. Generation
7. Love and Other Acts of Prayer
8. Reflected Light Signature
9. Insert Girl's Name Here
10. Unimaginable Distance
11. The Sailor's Song (You Are Mine)
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Rick Moses - Face the Music
Rick Moses - Face the Music
Rick Moses Rock Music Collection
Solaris Records

1. Inside Out (Rick Moses/Marc Donahue)
2. All my life (Rick Moses)
3. Love in the Modern World (Rick Moses)
4. Why Not Tonight (Rick Moses/Marc Donahue)
5. The Fire (Rick Moses/Marc Donahue)
6. The Feelin’ Runs Deep (Rick Moses/Marc Donahue)
7. Better Than The Dream (Rick Moses)
8. Don’t Ya Just Know (Rick Moses/Marc Donahue)
9. Love Hurts (Rick Moses)
10. If I Could Just Fall In Love (Rick Moses)
11. Get Ready (Rick Moses/Marc Donahue)
12. Heat Wave (Holland/Dozier/Holland)
13. Hold On (Rick Moses/Marc Donahue)
14. Shake the Devil Down (Rick Moses)
15. Still Alive (Rick Moses/Marc Donahue)
16. The Chance (Rick Moses/Marc Donahue)
17. True Love (Rick Moses/Marc Donahue)