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Rick Moses
Rick Moses Overview

After years in the public eye as a reluctant star, Rick Moses
walked away without ceremony and without looking back in
order to pursue his own inner journey. After a long hiatus out
of sight, Moses has returned with a brilliant new CD, “Evil and
Dangerous Men” on
Solaris Records. So what happened to
him? Where has he been all these years? What has he

The answers to these questions and more can be found and
interpreted in the melodies and introspective lyrics of his
music. His songs convey the sense of an intimate
performance in a story-telling vein that has been compared
favorable to Leonard Cohen and Harry Chapin. The sheer
honesty evident in Moses’ voice harkens to the sincerity and
authority of Johnny Cash.

Weighing in on issues of love, reality, and spirituality, Moses
takes you into his sonic realm and shares his thoughts and
his hopes for the world. The music, often just Moses and his
crisp acoustic guitar, brims with visceral energy and a sly
sense of humor.

“Evil and Dangerous Men” has quickly risen to #13 on the
New Age/World Music charts, with singles such as “Insert Girl’
s Name Here,” “The Last Thing I’d Do” and the instrumental
“Unimaginable Distance” receiving airplay on National Public
Radio and more than 200 radio stations around the country.

While listening to this album, you will hear the sounds of a
man who has explored the answers to the important
questions in this life. I can honestly recommend that you give
this album a spin. The voice of Rick Moses, both physically
and artistically, is one that needs to be heard. Give it a listen
and you may find yourself embarking on an inner exploration
of your own.

Rick Moses Abbreviated Resume:

  • Young Dan’l Boone Television Series, Title Role. A
    CBS prime time one-hour drama.

  • Avalanche, a Roger Corman Film, co-starred with Rock
    Hudson and Mia Farrow

  • Recording Artist for 20th Century Fox records,
    released album, Rick Moses—Face the Music.

  • Played the character of “Hutch” on General Hospital
    for two years.

  • Starred in ABC television movie Pleasures, co-starring
    Linda Purl.

  • Recording Artist for Teldec Records in Hamburg,

Listen to an exclusive interview Rick gave to Larry Whitler
and Robin MacBlane on WOCA 1370 AM talk radio on Jan. 4,
here to download the 31:37 MP3 file.

Listen to an exclusive interview Rick gave to Mary Jane Popp
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Learn more about Rick's TV and movie history plus his music
with a Mark Snyder interview on the
PMP Network.  The
interview is 18:47 of streaming audio and requires


Rick was raised an Episcopalian and decided to convert to
Orthodox Judaism while in his forties.  Internet journalist Luke
Ford interviewed Rick about his religious transformation and
posted the resulting video clips on YouTube in five parts:
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5